Pancake Café is Thailand’s first café that focused and specialized in “pancakes”. We have made an evolution on the image of pancakes in Thailand through combining the best ingredients with our finest “ secret homemade recipe ” with an excellence service. Our signature pancakes are “freshly made from scratch everyday”
    Pancakes has a long history which exists in many countries, however, we are the first pancake shop that concentrate mainly on pancakes in Thailand and have made an evolution on the image pancakes in Thailand as well. Since Thailand’s desserts market is quite intense where cakes and coffee shops are all around the corners, we have differentiated ourselves by the product itself and giving them new designs along with well selected ingredients and excellence service standard. Our inspiration was the pancake shop overseas which never exists in Thailand.
History of Pancake Café
    Pancake Café was founded in early 2009, with an inspiration from the original pancake shop from overseas. The founders of Pancake Café were falling in love with the taste, the look and the smell of pancakes. Pancakes have a long history throughout European and western countries along with their traditions that had been carried and followed until today.
    In the mean time, bakery market in Thailand has been growing rapidly during the years. Pancake Café’s founders have seen the opportunity in Thailand’s market in introducing the first pancake shop in Thailand which has differentiate itself to other competitors. Moreover, we have evolved the image of pancakes by giving them a modern design and in adaption to local lifestyle we have added premium and healthy ingredients along with seasonal local fruit into our menus, a warm and modern sophisticated environment along with high standard service, in order to fit in with the new and modern lifestyle of Thai people nowadays.





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